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Graphic Design for Web & Print

Kris Akse Art Direction and Graphic Design specializes in
multimedia and graphic design services for emerging new businesses,
small businesses, and large corporations. All web or print design solutions
are carefully researched and reflect talent and intelligence. Pricing can be
structured on an hourly or project-by-project basis, and Kris will orchestrate
each project from art direction through production.

Teaching and Corporate Training

Client Feature was conceived as an interactive, all-inclusive online community for the more than 44 million Americans who live with disabilities. This largely under-served target audience already faces numerous challenges: locating the latest medical information, buying products to improve their lifestyle, taking a
vacation that accommodates their special needs, finding a date, a specific health care provider, or a
condition-specific chat or forum. is a comprehensive resource designed by medical specialists to meet those needs. Kris Akse worked closely with founders JW Roth and Dr. Glen House to design a logo and comprehensive 44-page business plan which made securing funding for this essential online resource a slam dunk. In Mr. Roth's words, "I have never seen an offering go as smooth as this
one, and the book Kris designed has been a powerful tool. Kris did a great job."

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