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Kris Akse specializes in multimedia graphic design services for print or web. All design solutions are carefully researched and reflect talent and intelligence. Pricing can be structured by hourly rate or bid by the project, and Kris will orchestrate each project from art direction through production. Kris Akse has over 20 years experience in the design industry.


-Oscar Wilde-

Pricing Reflects the Design Process

All project bids are itemized to reflect the below essential phases of the design process. For pricing on your unique project, contact Kris Akse at (719) 459•3161 or kris@krisakse.com for a comprehensive quote. Discounts available.



All graphic design and website development is carefully researched to best serve the diverse needs of clients.



Kris Akse has over 20 years experience in the design industry, and has provided self autonomous Art Direction for all clients.



Kris Akse has skillfully  designed books, catalogs, brochures, logos, custom illustration, graphics, and website development.



Kris Akse ensures that all print media and website development is carefully tested and launched error free and on deadline.

Due to his status as a Multimedia Graphic Design Faculty, Kris Akse may be able to offer discounted pricing by hiring Associate Designers hand-picked from the ranks of smart, talented Graphic Design students recently graduated with an AAS degree from Pikes Peak Community College. Contact Kris for availability and you may save up to 40% off standard pricing.

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I love coffee. Perhaps that's why I enjoy a completely mobile office. Often, my clients prefer I travel to them. More often, they agree to meet me at a local coffee house. Browse the map below to navigate to your favorite purveyor of fine coffee. Design excellence awaits with an email, text, or phone call.

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